Sue Quah
Trainer of NLP, TLT and Hypnosis, Speaker, Master Coach and Master Teacher in Magnified Healing

How do I get to where I am from being an IT specialist to a home stylist/image consultant to Transformational Coach and Trainer? It all started when I used to ‘HAVE’ to do it alone at all costs, over and over again, increasing rage each time. Therefore, constantly wearing masks of perfection to hide my authentic self, ‘trying hard’ to please everyone, hence felt like fraud and body also started to breakdown.

Then, I said to myself “enough of trying to please everyone and the feeling of being a fraud”! So I started to actively in search of self improvement/empowerment programs.

I attended Dr. Kim’s, Designing Your Destiny TM workshop and learnt that there are many more tools that I can acquire in self improvement. I got such profound transformation that I decided to continue my journey to become the next Master Trainer in Canada.

Now, with all the tools under my belt, I’m very excited to lead and empower women to light their flame of passion and dreams AND create the life of their dreams and live in their authentic Goddess self!

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